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Whether you are looking for project management, in need of a property inspection, or want to vet the viability of an addition or new build, Myers Property Solutions has you covered. Let’s talk about your project today and tailor a solution that meets your needs.


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I was interested in hiring Josh to manage the construction of the pole barn my wife and I are building for a multi-use event space and bed and breakfast. Josh was very responsive and immediately had suggestions on the process, budgeting, and just who to connect with. The final approach Josh led us to saved somewhere between $15,000–$20,000 and greatly increased the overall quality of the build.
Our family bought a home that Josh had renovated. We were impressed by the attention to detail on every aspect of the home. The house was originally built in the 1950’s and had been modernized while maintaining the charm of the Cape Cod style. Even after we purchased the home from Josh, we requested that he design and complete a basement bedroom and custom wardrobe for us. His knowledge and vision when it comes to these projects sets him apart.
— Adam & Whitney Walter
I enjoyed working with Josh when he purchased two properties I owned. We had known each other as neighbors before and have remained friends ever since. He transformed the house we had lived in for 40+ years modernizing the home inside and out. I love seeing the transformations he has completed in our neighborhood.
— Marie Monett
Josh and I have known each other for a long time; we grew up together. When my wife and I were buying our first home, Josh served as our Owner’s Representative working with the builder to ensure the highest quality was met for our new home. He put together a detailed punch list and established a solid working relationship with our builder, looking out for our interest at every turn.
— Kurt & Laura Coleman
Having been in residential real estate sales and development for over a combined 42-years, the Edwards team can happily and confidently refer Josh Myers. We have worked with Josh now on over five real estate projects and counting. Each have been challenging yet rewarding for Josh as he continues to push the envelope of construction and design. Josh is not complacent and welcomes new and unfamiliar endeavors. He is a joy to work with and a great friend. He is respectful and courteous and well thought of by all those that know him in the industry. Josh has somewhat of a cult following here in the Upper Arlington housing Market for his excellent work in renovating older and distressed homes. We look forward to watching Josh grow and continue to positively influence the Columbus real estate development market.
— Kyle Edwards
Josh approached me in a very professional manner and proposed an alternative approach to buying and renovating my home. The process went very smoothly and worked well for both of us. We stayed in touch throughout the renovation process and I was able to tour the house at different stages through construction.


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Hi! I'm Josh.

I am a builder at heart and I am passionate about creating and transforming space. I look beyond the dust, grime, and dysfunctional. I have an eye for potential in structures and love imagining what a space can become. I pride myself on being a creative problem solver.